The passion for raging screeches, kicks dropping like nuclear bombs and outrageous melodies, feeds Spectre his everlasting hunger for raw hard dance music. Dragging you from ‘Sunlight To Darkside’, opening the gates to pure darkness. 

A young talented DJ and producer rises from the ashes, with everlasting energy and drive he’ll make sure to catch you with his absolute bangers.

Rowan Coomans, better known as raw hardstyle act Spectre, has been releasing absolute bombs since 2020. With great support from the community, artists and labels he rushed from his formerly known act ‘Insanitix’ with a release on Gearbox Digital to a brand-new identity called Spectre with a ton of releases on Scantraxx (Carbon), End of Line and Q-dance Records – NXT. 

Finish LineWide AwakeTake You AnywhereOn A MissionLast MFSunlight To DarksideRulesCombinationsGot My Ice OnKickroll KingdomNightmareReputationHussleVictoriousNever LoseThe TribesDragonsGo HarderTale TellerNcrypta - For The Hype (Spectre Remix) Radio EditSpectre x Nacion - Black Widow